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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

what I love wednesday {tech}

I took an unintentional hiatus from Pinterest. But logged in this past weekend to find a new format when I look at my boards. I'm not sure how efficient it is, or if I even like it, but I was actually surprised that I was surprised by a change to such a popular sharing network. After all, it's fast growing and driving more traffic to blogs than Twitter (source). Just take a look at it's growth in less than a year in the image below.

As I was looking around Pinterest, I came across several tips that I typically don't run into. I'll admit I easily get pulled in by Pinterests' beautiful images of homes, clothing and so many items I'll never own or even see in person. In an effort to use Pinterest in a different way than usual, I decided to try and see what else I could find via Pinterest. I  don't often use it for a search engine. Do you? This time, I made a conscious effort to look for things I haven't looked for on the site before as a way of branching out of my world of the boards I follow. I searched using terms like "tech," "technology" and "favorite apps." The list below isn't comprehensive, but it gives a taste of some of the discoveries I made using the social medium in a different way than usual.

You may have noticed in yesterday's post I mentioned I'm getting an iPad. I don't yet have it, but I jumped for joy when I got the shipping notification. In the mean time I'm "studying up" and found these 50 really useful tips. Do you have any iPad tips for me? If so, please leave them in the comments section.

I actually ran across this app a few weeks back just perusing the app market on my Droid. But I've been using Any.DO and love the simplicity of this to-do list app. It's quickly become this list-maker's best friend! And the best part is that it's free ((and available to iPhone and Android)).

I think I read about this on Facebook first, but it came up quickly in my "technology" search on Pinterest. If you're an Android user or have iPhone envy, you may relate. Half of the reason I want an iPhone and another reason why I'm ecstatic to be getting an iPad is because of the Instagram app. Did you know you can sign up to be first in line for it? It's coming!

What have you run across on Pinterest lately? Tell me what's surprised you.
 Image Sources: Pinterest Stats // iPad // Any.DO // Droid


  1. Instagram is the reason I want an iPhone too!!
    I don't mind the new layout for pinterest - it takes a while to get used to (like anything) but it still works for me :)
    Have fun playing with your new iPad! I'll try not to be jealous :)

    1. glad to know I'm not alone in my iPhone/instagram envy :)

  2. i seriously get all my recipes on pinterest!!

    1. I've found a few I'd use again, but usually they're not great. I'm going to keep trying though!

  3. I am so excited about Instagram for the Droid. I love my Droid but really want to jump on the Instagram band wagon!!

    1. :) it's pretty exciting to know I won't have to get a whole new phone to join the in club!


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