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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

thoughts on journaling from Lauren {guest post}

Today, I have a treat for you with a guest post from Lauren. She's sharing her ideas on journaling. 

Hey everyone, I'm Lauren from One of Five! I'm so excited to be doing a guest post for Beth! She asked me to write about something that I love, so today I going to talk about journaling! 
I don't know if anyone else ever did this, but as a child, I always wrote little entries in random little notebooks, got tired of writing, and then never picked up the 'journal' again. Now I have all of these unfinished notebooks that I don't know what to do with. I've always liked the idea of keeping a journal- to have a place to make sense of my thoughts and emotions- but I tend to get bored of the whole "dear diary" format pretty quickly. Anyone else feel that way? I was so caught up in how a journal was supposed to be, that I couldn't think of anything to write that would be 'worthy' of my journal. So instead of following a set of unwritten guidelines for what I thought a journal was supposed to look like, I made my own rules. Or one rule, rather. 
There are no rules. 
Doesn't that just make you relax a little bit? There are no rules. There's no right or wrong way to keep a journal. I don't even call what I have a journal. I call it my expression book! Not as catchy, but whatevs. While some of my entries may be writing, others are filled with doodles, quotes, tickets, or whatever else I can find. Some pages are crumpled and used to vent, others have sweet little nothings to make my day just a little bit better. It doesn't have to be neat or in your best handwriting... its yours! It can be whatever you want.  
Since this discovery, I'm actually using my book. It keeps my creative juices flowing, and I don't feel like I've wasted money on a journal that I'm never going to use! I definitely recommend trying this to anyone looking for an outlet to express yourself. Do you guys have any other methods like this? I'd love to hear about them! I'm always looking for different ideas. Shoot me an email at labrumfield12@gmail{dot}com, or head on over to my page by clicking here! Thanks for reading everyone! :)
xo, Lauren 


  1. I love to keep a journal! I've been keeping one since I was in the 5th grade! Mine is more of a running commentary on life events ;)

    1. That's awesome!! I bet they're fun to go back and look through :)


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