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Friday, March 16, 2012

finds I fancy {4}

This week's prompt was to use green as the base for the outfit with St. Patrick's Day coming tomorrow. I love this idea, despite not being Irish. At least my husband has some Irish in him, so I will claim that!

wearing of the green

I was in Old Navy earlier this week and was admiring the polka-dot blouse and green jeans. I've also been debating if I could pull off leopard print Toms. What do you think? I don't own anything that's leopard print, but I feel like they'd go with a lot in my closet. However, I have been wearing mint nail polish this week and loving it!

What trends are you loving as the weather is more spring-like?
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A few blog posts that inspired me in some way this past week:
  • ((inspiration)) I needed to read these words earlier in the week, and I've been returning to it almost daily. Isaiah 26:3 holds such a beautiful promise that is near to me in times of busy-ness.
  • ((spring cleaning)) Feeling the urge to purge? This post was quite inspiring for me 15 Ways to Restore Order to Your Life
  • ((outfit inspiration)) I'm away for work for the next five days or so and What a Nerd Would Wear inspired me to try to pack lighter than usual and mix and match more than usual too!
  • ((home decor inspiration)) Thanks to the Real Housewives of Bucks County for giving me some ideas to ponder in using Tangerine in the home.
  • ((Easter decorating)) Considering dying eggs for Easter? Check out this natural way to do so from Christine Chitnis.
And don't forget, there's still time to enter the giveaway I'm part of at The Arizona Russums!


  1. I love this whole outfit! And you could definitley pull off those Toms! I say go for it!

  2. I checked this morning and own zero green. I need those earrings before tomorrow!

  3. I'm like a quarter Irish, and I've got my Ireland tee all ready for tomorrow! It's not as cute as this outfit you've put together, but it's green!

  4. Great outfit! I hope you have enjoyed your week and wishing you a wonderful St. Patty's Day!
    Twirling Clare (check out the face-lift!)

  5. I LOVE that your outfit isn't totally overwhelming with green! I love St. Patrick's Day, but I hate being all green - I guess it's just not my color! The little pop of green is such a great accessory with that shirt - LOVE it!

    Hope your celebrating day was/is fabulous!!

  6. loving the accessories, the earrings are cute! I should have had these for St. Patrick's day :P
    love your blog!


  7. I love all these picks! I'm really interested in trying some colored jeans but I'm scared of trying new things hahah. And I don't really ever wear blue jeans so I feel like I would just buy green jeans for them to sit around. Oh well - this outfit is really fun!

    1. I haven't taken the plunge into colored denim beyond black, but I just might ;)

  8. Great picks! I especially love the shoes and the nail polish ;)


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