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Friday, March 2, 2012

dear dot

Dearest blog,

I just want to express my thanks for your faithful friendship over the past eighteen months or so. You've been so loyal and helped me make new friends. You listen, even when I'm not sure if anyone else is taking it in.
Thanks, blog, for showcasing our house and many home improvement projects and DIY crafts.  I love that you're not only a creative outlet for me to write, but for sharing photos I take or stumble across online. And talk about creative? You know the mister and I like to get creative in the kitchen, trying new recipes, or making up our own. I've discovered my true love of using the crockpot, thanks to you!

As I already mentioned, you help me make new friends. You're a connector, introducing me to other blogs all the time. It's like I get to make new friends every day! You see, these other bloggers are so friendly and easy to get to know. Remember, how I even met up with one in real life? I haven't made it to a blogger's conference yet, but one day we'll meet even more of our bloggy friends in person!

And what we don't share on our blogs, we tend to chat about on Twitter! And you know how I feel about Twitter since I've written about it more than a few times. This week, I've talked to more people about my current reading obsession via Twitter than in person. And I would have never fallen in love with Downton Abbey if it wasn't for the Twitterverse and blog world! See, they even keep me up on culture?!
You've also been the source of inspiration in so many ways. My blog friends inspired me to take up crochet, though a real life friend really helped me to learn it. I've also gotten a bit more daring in my nail polish choices, since I'm a blogger. I've bonded over thrifting and frugal fashion finds with like-minded bloggers.

So, thank you, blog for helping me make new friends, share my life and attempt to stay hip with culture. You're like a friend to me in so many ways!


((I'm linking up with Erin @ Living In Yellow today.))


  1. Fun letter! Its amazing the things I've been introduced to thru the blogging world, so I can understand that part for sure!!

  2. Love it!! I especially love the shout out to Twitter because I swear my twitter friends are some of the most awesome-est (I added "est" because that means Super-Awesome). :-)

  3. Blogs are great!! I'm so glad you've found so much joy through yours... I always love stopping by :)

  4. This is great! My blog has opened up so many doors for me and I have made friends through it....which was an unexpected surprise.

  5. It is so true, how much blogging influences us to do! I'll think to myself, "Do I want to do... such and such", and then I'll think, "It will make a great blog post!" Haha.


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