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Thursday, March 22, 2012

blog lessons {4}

In case you missed earlier posts in the series, you can read them here: Blog Lessons {1} // Blog Lessons {2} // Blog Lessons {3}

Today, I want to talk about engagement, I'm not talking about the kind that means there's a ring on your finger and a promise between you and your lover (although that's a fun topic indeed). I'm talking about how to engage in the blog community. As both a blog writer and reader, it's important to consider.
Blogging can be about more than the blogger. As I mentioned before, blogging is often about relationships and engaging your audience is a necessary element if you want readers to hang around. So, I have a few questions you can ask yourself as you think about engagement on your own blog.
  1. Who is my intended audience?
  2. How do I end my posts? Does it encourage a response?

Your blog layout can also invite or deter engagement. I find blogs that have these features are ones I am more likely to comment on, share via Twitter or Facebook or Google+ or even email the blogger.
  1. The comment window pops up in a new window and doesn't make me enter an encryption code
  2. Want readers to be able to share your blog post with others? Make it easy and add a widget that allows readers to Tweet content on share on Facebook.
  3. The blogger's email address is easy to find (either on the about/contact page or on the sidebar)

As a blog reader, I also have some suggestions for how to connect better with bloggers through commenting, email and social media.
  1. Leave a comment...reading blogs is fun, but when you engage with the blogger it makes it even more fun!
  2. Complete your profile on GFC, Wordpress, etc. so that a gravatar is linked to your account (putting a face with a name)
  3. Make sure the blogger can reply to your comment via email. Don't know how to do so? Read this.

How do you like to connect best with your favorite blogs? leaving a comment or tweeting them?


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