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Thursday, February 16, 2012

February sponsors

Meet this month's sure to show them some love...after all, it's February!
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About Kendra's blog: Hi! I'm Kendra, a twenty something blogger, artist, photographer, blog designer, writer, dreamer and first time mama-to-be of a little boy! I blog about life, art and inspirations at Like a Bird. I focus on being honest and truthful to myself, as well as others about my journey to find myself. I love being a friend and resource for other artists and those struggling with depression. I have unhealthy obsessions with zombies, Star Wars, coffee, blogging and cuddling.
How do you survive the winter blues?   I survive the winter blues with lots of cuddles with my fiance and cat and hot chocolate always at hand. Walks in parks with my camera are also a great help as it helps me remember the beauty of this season.
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About Kristin's blog: Cooking, crafting, sewing, + other domestic ventures.
How do you survive the winter blues?  I survive the winter blues by lots and lots of baking. In Florida we don’t have efficient heating, so I take this opportunity to use the oven as much as I can. Pretty soon it gets too hot to bake! I usually give most of the baked goods away to help boost other peoples’ moods. A warm kitchen and a warm heart helps me get through winter.
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About Manda's blog: I'm the new fiance to my Prince Charming, planning our July wedding. I have 4 crazy and wild step-kiddos who live with us full time. I have 3 fur babies who have me wrapped around their little paw! My blog is all out the adventures into this completely new world of motherhood, lessons learned, wedding planning and just about anything else that is on my mind for that day!
How do you survive the winter blues?  Stay busy! With four kiddos in the house, we are always on the go. So, we don't spend a lot of time indoors. We are at the baseball park or softball field... and if we are inside, we like to do things like baking and crafting and cooking to keep us all busy!
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About Beth's blog: My name is Elizabeth & I am a twenty-something who pretends to be a grown up! I love Jesus, people, glitter, adventures, dress up, creating, exploring, and dating my best friend! Come stop on by & say hello! I would be honored to have you as a guest!
How do you survive the winter blues?  Winter blues?! What are those? Winter is my second favorite season ever [nothing can beat autumn!]. When winter comes, scarves & pea coats are daily attire! Paired with cute boots with socks. Beautiful snow falls & covers all the ugliness of town - seriously snow makes garbage dumps look good! Snow cones, sledding, snowboarding, Christmas, fireplaces, hot coco, cuddling, & ice skating are all possibilities!!! I suppose if you have a case of the winter blues you need to 1. make a list of things you are grateful for and 2. take time to find out why we have seasons - there is something good & special in each one!

I'm also button swapping with several other lovely bloggers and handmade shop owners.  Be sure to check them out if you haven't already!


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