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Monday, February 13, 2012

coffee date: Boston

I love coffee.  And I love coffee dates even more!  My husband received a gift card for Christmas that we've been using for coffee dates, which has been a real treat.  Since moving outside of the city almost a year ago, we don't get to many coffee shops besides Starbucks.
If you and I had a coffee date, I think it would go something like this...
We'd meet at a local coffee shop in Boston and sit down at one of its small tables.  You'd notice the students bustling in/out, the business types in their suits all bundled up since it's February and the dog walkers, dressed for the day's elements.  If you weren't from the area, you'd probably ask me why I chose this location and I'd tell you I love the atmosphere as much as the coffee itself.  I'd then tell you I love people watching here, with its many students and professor types, proving that I can't escape the university atmosphere even when I'm "off the clock."

I'd ask you what you think of Boston and probably give you lots of pointers, even if you didn't ask for them.  You see, I love Boston and even more I love to tell others how I adore its historic streets and cobblestone sidewalks.  I probably should have advised you to get your coffee to go, so we could walk the streets together and I could point things out!

But if you'd rather stay inside, I can tell you how to go about getting to the top of the Old Customs House to see the most amazing view of the city.  I would then recommend strolling through Quincy Market on your way to the North End for some gelato or a pastry.  If it's cold you should take the Green Line to Park Street  and then explore my favorite street in the city: Charles.  The street is lined with expensive but quaint shops that are worth browsing because it is so Boston with its gas lamps and narrow sidewalks.
Boston is known for its celebration of sports and great athletes, but don't worry I'm not going to try to sell you on football ((which doesn't even get played in the city)).  I'd tell you I'm excited for one of my favorite Boston traditions that will conclude tonight: The Beanpot.  On the first two Mondays of February four NCAA men's ice hockey teams play in a tournament for the Beanpot trophy.  Tonight's finals match up is between Boston University and Boston College.  Harvard and Northeastern will play in the consolation game.  My other favorite sports moments occur every April with Opening day at Fenway ((this year marks the 100the anniversary of the ballpark)) and the Boston Marathon.

I'd tell you I am beyond excited to show Boston off as part of the 2012 Annual ACUI Conference planning team.  We will host 900 of my colleagues from institutions around the world in just five weeks.  I'd also confess to being somewhat worried everyone has a great experience, so much so that I'm praying it doesn't snow!

Finally, I just might admit the city has its downfalls with harsh winters and short summers, high cost of living, awkwardly intersecting streets and crowded public transportation system.  I'd tell you they are forgiven a lot of times because they teach me patience, how to enjoy the moment and uniqueness of the region.

What do you love about your city/town?
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  1. i need to go to boston. I know I'd enjoy it!

    1. yes, you do need to go to Boston! just as bad as I need to go to Seattle :)


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