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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I'm borrowing this idea from Jen at The Arizona Russums. I thought it was such a clever way to explain the things we do ((or want to do)).

I never follow a recipe completely.
I rarely cook dinner ((and never would have guessed it would be this way)).
I sometimes go to the grocery store but hope by husband offers.
I usually make a list of what we need from the grocery store and pull coupons to go with it.
I always enjoy my husband's cooking ((and try not to take it for granted)).

never get my inbox to zero, but often try.
rarely get everything done on my daily to do list
sometimes work nights + weekends.
usually get to work on time and make a daily to do-do list at my desk.
always bring two large refillable bottles of water to work with me ((the cafeteria water tastes nasty)).

never forget birthdays and anniversaries ((but I don't always send a card)).
rarely get to spend more than a few days with family because we're spread across the country.
sometimes reply promptly ((within 12 hours)) to emails, texts and phone calls.
usually call my dad on the weekends.
always miss my mom.
Where do you fall on the spectrum of never, rarely, sometimes, usually, always?
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1 comment:

  1. Yay! Glad you posted this! We are the same! To do lists and futile attempts to clean out inboxes! Love it!W


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