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Monday, January 16, 2012

swag swap week

the long awaited swag swap week is going on right now :) Cliff Notes: All shops participating in the swap get to trade their swag with swag in other shops too!
Not participating in the swap? No Worries! Our shop owners have graciously offered you fine folks COUPON CODES so you too can go all "click, add to cart" crazy on these awesome handmade shops!
Are you participating in swag swap week? Make sure to re-read all the rules and contact your swapper via email! Please make sure your swapper is actually participating in swag swap week by referring to this list :)
Now what are you waiting for? Browse our shops, go swapping, use their coupon codes, and check back later in the week at for group giveaways from some participating shops happening this Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday!
COUPON CODE: homegirl is giving 15% off ALL items in her shop with the code "CELEBRATE", works worldwide too! Go on our friends in Europe and Canada, get shopping! -------------
 [shop] [blog] [twitter] ------
[shop] [blog] [twitter] [facebook]
  COUPON CODE: enter SWAPLOVE at checkout for 15% off! -------------
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COUPON CODE: enter SWAGER at checkout for 20% off! -------
 [shop] [blog] [twitter] [facebook]
  COUPON CODE: score yourselves 20% off EVERYTHING in the shop with SWAG20 at check out --------
 [shop] [blog] [twitter] [facebook]
  COUPON CODE: Enter SWAG20 to get 20% off all these hair lovelies! GO GO GO! ---------
  [shop] [blog] [facebook]
  COUPON CODE: Enter SWAGSWAP20 to nab yourself 20% off! (WOOT!) --------
 [shop] [twitter] [facebook]
  COUPON CODE: If you enter SWAGSWAP12 at checkout you get 15% off on ANYTHING in the shop! ((US & Canada only please)) ((good till end of swap Jan 21st, 2012)) --------
 [shop] [blog]
COUPON CODE: Enter SWAG10 at checkout for 10% off! ((US only please)) 
 [shop] [blog] [twitter] [facebook]
  COUPON CODE: Enter SWAPWEEK for 30% off (WOWZAS!) -------
 [shop] [blog] [twitter] [facebook]
COUPON CODE: Enter SWAPWEEK and get 10% off anything your heart desires <3 --------
  [shop] [blog] [twitter] [facebook]
  COUPON CODE: Enter SWAGSWAP at checkout for 10% off ANYTHING! (holla) ---------
  [shop] [blog] [twitter] [facebook]
  COUPON CODE: Enter SWAGSWAP10 and get 10% off any and all items in the shop! --------
  [shop] [blog] [twitter] [facebook]
  PROMOTION: Free Shipping on all prints until December 20th. No coupon code necessary- all print shipping is already discounted. Free shipping available on U.S. print orders only with discounted shipping rates internationally. ------------
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COUPON CODE: Enter "SWAGSHOP" at check out for FREE domestic shipping!
  [shop] [blog] [twitter] [facebook]
  COUPON CODE: Enter SWAGWEEK for 20% off anything in the shop! (she also has items for big people too! Fun iPad sleeves and purses) --------
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  ***IMPORTANT NOTICE*** Kristina had to put her shop in vacation mode during this week, please visit her "sold" section to see what items she has. She will be available for contact. She apologizes for any inconveniences!
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  COUPON CODE: Enter SWAG15 for 15% off these ADORABLE purses! (I should know I own 4)
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  COUPON CODE: Enter "SAVE10" at checkout for 10% off anything you want! --------
[shop] [blog] [twitter] [facebook]
  COUPON CODE: Enter "SWAPIT" for 15% off these hand stamped lovelies --------
[shop] [blog] [twitter]
  COUPON CODE: Enter "SWAPWEEKLOVE" for 20% off ANYTHING in her shop! (aww yeah!) ------
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  COUPON CODE: Enter SWAGSWAP20 for 20% off these lovely rosies!
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[blog] [twitter] [facebook] [shop]
 Swag Swap Week is going on from January 16th 2012 - January 21st 2012. Coupon codes will expire once the week is over.


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