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Thursday, January 26, 2012

social + information networks

When I dove into the world of blogging nearly 18 months ago, I didn't consider at the time the many other pieces that would go along with it.  I've added buttons linking to Pinterest, created a Facebook page and even setup a Twitter account solely for this blog ((because I tweet about work a lot)) and ultimately created a brand.
social media ornaments listed on Etsy
I communicate with many of you in more ways than just on this blog.  The other avenues work together, but they shouldn't be used in the same way.  I've found that followers don't often follow only one avenue, but give multiple ways to connect and so I don't think the content should be the same.  I try not to post the same things to Twitter and Facebook, and if I do to spread them out and not post similar content at the same time. However, some followers are on Facebook, but not on Twitter.  Others are more likely to engage on Pinterest, finding pretty images or recipes that are in season.  I aim to use the three together with my blog to contribute to the blogging and handmade community.  I also have a Gooogl+ brand page, but that seems to get the least traffic.

In my day job I am exposed to a number of social and informational networks.  I don't always have time to explore/use them, but I have started using a few of the "newer" and/or less popular ones I've heard about in blogland:
Path -allows you to combine sharing location, photos and more in one place, but limits you to the number of connections you have. It's meant to be more private than Facebook or Twitter, though you can link and tweet a post to Twitter. -one centralized location for your social media buttons in one page that allows you to explain who you are.  I use mine for professional purposes, linking to my professional blog, twitter account and LinkedIn profile. The great thing is that you can choose what to connect to the page.
google+ brand page -create a brand page for your blog or shop. This integrates with the +1 button, so you can easily share posts with others, just as you would tweet something on Twitter. If you +1 something, you're sharing it on Google.

What's your favorite way to connect with others?

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  2. I agree with Djonni. One of the SEO Philippines experts pep talked me about the efficiency of establishing relationships via social media.


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