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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

re-purposed jars & bottles

I've been collecting glass jars and bottles of all kinds for months years ((let's be honest)), but in the past 8 months or so, it's increased quite a but.  I've used them in a variety of things and decided they're about the cheapest decoration for your home since you can acquire them buying other things that you already use.  I'm talking about jars containing peanut butter or syrup and bottles of wine, olive oil, and vinegar....the list goes on and on!

Here's an example of a syrup bottle...
All it takes is some scrubbing to get the glass clean and pretty, ready to be painted or put on display as-is.  I find them handy to have around for decorating, often using groupings of jars and bottles for all kinds of home + party decor ((bridal shower center piecesfall decorating and Christmas decor)).

Now, on to what's currently on our mantle with multiple re-purposed items.
State Love painting by Paint Me a Picture
Next time you go to put a glass bottle or jar into the recycling bin, consider how you could reuse it in your home. Would it look good as a centerpiece on the dining room table?  Does it need a little spray paint make-over to give it a second life?  I'm not advocating for saving things without purpose, believe me that's not the point! But if it will spruce up your home, even temporarily consider some of these ideas!

What have you recently re-purposed?

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