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Friday, January 20, 2012

new {tech} habit

With the news of Google Friend Connect (GFC) going away for non-Blogger sites on March 1, 2012, I started thinking about what that means for my blog (even though it's hosted on Blogger) along with all the non-Blogger blogs I follow.  This is important to me because being part of the blogging community means a lot to me and I connecting with other bloggers, as well hear from readers like YOU!
I started using Bloglovin' as a way to follow blogs (not all the blogs I follow using GFC, just about 20...I'm thinking it will be a somewhat gradual switch).  One month into it, I have to say I really like it and here's WHY 
  • The way I view the blog post  is the same as what's on the blog rather than in Google reader mode where you miss out on font, color and more
  • When I want to comment on the blog it's also easier because I'm already viewing the post on the blog itself and I can simply click to expand the comment box (rather than opening a new tab to go to blog and comment)
  • There is mobile app that allows me to view the blogs I follow from my phone while waiting in the dentist office (or elsewhere)
Want to try it out?  You can follow this blog in Bloglovin' by clicking below!
What information or social networks have you been on this week?

1 comment:

  1. I didn't realize GFC was going away for non- Blogger blogs. thatdoesn't affect my blog but there are plenty of blogs I follow that way that aren't on blogger. seems like that'll be a mess! bloglivin' sounds way better, thanks for the info. I think I'll gradually transition to that as well. I'll probably be more apt to comment that way.


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