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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

home goals {2012}

I'm going to join The Nester this year in making some goals for our home.  We've lived in our house since April 2011, so I'm considering what I hope to have accomplished a year into living here. 
The deets:

>>>Complete the kitchen...I'm talking have the permanent flooring and counters in and painted. DONE. No more telling people "it's a work in progress" and making excuses. This will be a joint effort with the mister for sure.

>>>Grow a veggie garden. We planted some bulbs, so I know we'll have a few flowers, but I believe there's nothing better than home grown tomatoes, plus it would save $$ on groceries too.

>>>Complete at least one pinterest inspired home decor idea. I keep several boards with home decor ideas and I know there are ones I could easily work on to display somewhere.

>>>Finish the living room-- paint the walls and put pictures up. This is kind of a stretch, since I don't know the timeline for actually getting a ceiling in place, but I'd like to find some decor pieces that we really like and reflect our personalities, either thrifted or from garage sales.

>>>Keep things tidy, avoid piles of mail that sit around for a week and letting dishes sit in the sink for more than a day. I'm a pile person and I really need to break myself of the habit!

What are your home goals for 2012?


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