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Friday, December 23, 2011

sponsorship + a quiz

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...and I thought I'd share my answers to the Christmas quiz floating around blog world this week!  I saw it here first.
1. egg nog or hot chocolate?
for Christmas, I go with eggnog, but it's hot chocolate for the rest of the winter!
2. does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?
in my family, we always wrapped them ((unless it was too big and my mom would leave hints in the tree or a string leading to a closet...for my brother's new hockey stick or something)). Brandon and I wrap gifts for each other. 
3. multi-colored or white lights on tree/house?
4. do you hang mistletoe? 
5. when do you put up decorations?
I usually like to get the tree the first weekend of December.
6. what is your favorite holiday dish?
growing up, my family always had shrimp for Christmas Eve dinner and cream puffs for breakfast ((both are very special to me))
7. favorite holiday memory as a child.
when I was really young, I remember my mom used to surprise us with things when we were least expecting it. After Christmas eve service, she told us to go change into our jammies and then we'd read the Christmas Story and open a gift. She had put brand new pajamas on our closet hook. I was so surprised and loved having something new before I even opened any presents. 
8. when did you learn the truth about Santa?
I don't remember when I learned, but I do recall being scolded a bit by my mom because I told another little girl in Sunday School there was no Santa and her mom was not happy. I think my mom was more embarrassed than anything. 
9. do you open a gift on Christmas eve?
yes, growing up, we always got to open one gift on Christmas eve.
10. how do you decorate your Christmas tree?
I have been acquiring ornaments for years; my mom would buy us a new ornament every year while I was growing up so we'd have our own ornaments when we left home. I have a cabbage patch angel, care bear in a wreath, among other "old" ornaments I love to bring out. I have also added my own over the years, picking up meaningful pieces when I travel.
11. snow! love it or dread it? 
I love snow!
12. can you ice skate?
I think so, it's been at least ten years or so!
13. do you remember your favorite gift?
I remember being really excited when I got my first cabbage patch doll. I think I was four or five years old.
14. what's the most important thing about the holidays for you? 
I love going to church and singing Christmas carols, especially when it's a candle-lit service.
15. what is your favorite holiday dessert?
I love sugar cookies and Scottish shortbread
16. what is your favorite holiday tradition?
when we lived in Colorado ((up to age 10)), we'd always go to the Cadet Chapel at the US Air Force Academy for the Christmas eve service.  It's a beautiful building to begin with, and then the stained glass would glow when the candles were lit at the end of the service .  I always imagined it was a glimpse of heaven.
17. what tops your tree?
usually a star ((but we don't have a tree up this year))
18. which do you prefer: giving or receiving?
giving, I love to pick things out for my family and close friends.
19. candy canes. yucky or yummy?
yummy, but only in December.
20. favorite Christmas show?
Charlie Brown Christmas
21. saddest Christmas song?
I Wish I had a River ((Joni Mitchell))
22. favorite Christmas song?
O Come, O Come Emmanuel and Alleluia ((this year))

...and the winner of the December Sponsor Giveaway is:
Danielle of Sugar Blossom Boutique
email me and I'll get you in touch with the sponsors to claim your prizes, congrats!


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  1. I love your answers to this quiz! I may have to actually blog & play along lol
    my fav as a cabbage patch kid too :)


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