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Thursday, December 22, 2011

our love story {part 3}

((to get caught up, read part 1 and part 2))

Today, I have a special treat for you!  Brandon is going to share insights on our story, picking up where I last left off ((after our first date)).

Hello, the city readers. Beth asked me to write part 3 of the “Our Love Story” series. I’m happy to tell you today is the third anniversary of our first date. As much as I would like to say that her story so far has been biased, I don’t honestly think there’s anything I would change. So, on to the next episode.

“So, this is where you ask for my number,” she said to me. Admittedly not my finest moment. Standing on the platform in Park Street Station, two northbound trains had already passed.

“That’s a good idea,” was the only response I could muster in my embarrassment. We exchanged numbers, Beth boarded her train and headed home to Somerville.

The next day, I called Beth on my way home from work. I think I mostly wanted to prove that I could follow through after my poor performance the previous day. Not sure what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised when Beth invited me to get together one last time before she left town the next day for Christmas. Her roommate, Emily, and Emily’s boyfriend Anthony were there, so we could all hang out a bit. Needless to say, I accepted right away.
a Christmas tree shared with the roommates in 2009
Later in the week, Beth’s dad and brother were coming to the east coast from Colorado. Beth and I had talked quite a bit since our first date, and things were going well. I admit that it was a little early, but knowing that Beth’s dad and brother didn’t come to New England very often, I asked if I could meet them. Once again, pleasantly surprised, Beth agreed. A few days after Christmas, I met Beth’s dad and brother. The meeting was as awkward as you’re imagining it was.

We did find things to talk about: the Air Force (her dad is a retired officer and my brother serves now), hockey (her brother used to play and I know nothing about the sport, so he could teach me), ministry (her dad was interested in the work I had been doing and my future education). But, despite having a few topics in common, I was incredibly intimidated and I’m sure her dad wondered who in the world this kid was who had only dated his daughter for a week.
We took a tour of Fenway Park the same afternoon they met Brandon
With that encounter over, Beth and I could continue getting to know one another. I’m not ashamed to say that I knew very early on just how special Beth is and knew that this was a woman I could love (more on that later, if Beth lets me come back). By late Spring, I was certain that I wanted to marry Beth. We went to visit Beth’s grandmother in York, Pennsylvania in May, and it was while on a walk through a golf course near Granny’s house that I shared my intentions with Beth. I don’t think she was surprised, but I knew she wasn’t quite there yet. Still, I wouldn’t allow myself to be discouraged (clearly my persistence paid off).

There’s lots more to tell, and as much as I would love to share, I’ll let Beth pick it up from here.

Merry Christmas, everyone.



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