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Thursday, December 15, 2011

our love story {part 2}

((in case you missed part 1))

I remember walking home from the T ((subway)) after our group outing to the movie/cafe and thinking about what a fun evening I'd had.  I felt so blessed to have such fun people in my life and to call them friends after knowing each of them for just 4 months.  I also thought about how I was excited for the date I had the next day.  I felt like I was at the edge of possibilities. 2008 had already been a pretty great year.

The date to the museum was nothing short of disaster.  He had trouble finding it, was late and didn't know it's proper to use an "inside voice" while walking through a museum.  He even asked me why I was talking in an almost-whisper.  It was pretty painful and I'll just spare the details of our awkward dinner conversation inquisition since that's not the point.  When I finally got home, all I could think about was how I had had so much fun in a group setting with Brandon the night before.  I even told my roommate when she asked how the eHarmony date went.

As any 20-something would do in the 21st century, I turned on my computer and logged into Facebook, only to find a message from Brandon.  It was very brief and to the point.  He asked if I wanted to have lunch the next day. I couldn't believe it.  I showed it to my roommate, Jess, to make sure I wasn't dreaming.  She laughed and said, "I guess he had fun last night too."  I replied ((you can see the conversation below)).
of course I saved the convo!
While I knew him from church, from our community group that was an offshoot of the church, I had never actually seen him at church.  He went to the afternoon service and I went to a morning service and our paths didn't cross at church.  As soon as I got to church, I spotted him waiting for me. He sat next to me during the service.  I felt very awkward, not because he made me feel awkward, I just didn't know if we were actually going on a date.  All kinds of questions raced through my head. Were we about to go on a date?  Had he invited anyone else?  Did anyone else think it was odd to see Brandon in the 11 o'clock service today?

Following the service, one of the single women from our community group (CG) was trying to round up a group to go out for lunch.  This wasn't an uncommon occurrence, but the combination of her insistence and Brandon not offering one way or another was killing me.  Finally, we made our way out the doors and once we were on the street in the falling snow, Brandon asked if I had been to a place called the Globe Cafe.  I had never been before, but told him I trusted his pick since he was working in the restaurant industry and was the only real "foodie" I knew.
The snow was falling lightly and it being the weekend before Christmas, downtown Boston was bustling.  I don't remember much about the walk to the restaurant. I ordered butternut squash ravioli and thought Brandon asked a lot of questions of the waiter, yet wasn't obnoxious about it.  He also paid a lot of attention to me, asking thoughtful questions though not making it seem like an interview ((as the date the previous day had)).  After our lunch, he suggested we walk a bit.  By this time, the snow was getting heavier and more wet.  It wasn't the kind of softly falling pretty snow that's pleasant to walk in; it was downright messy.  A few blocks down we took refuge in Starbucks, continuing the conversation that came easily.
The most memorable part of our date came when we got to the T station.  We stood on a platform for trains going in and out of the city.  I was going one way and he was going the opposite.  I said 'thank you' for lunch and assured him I had enjoyed myself.  I took it a step further ((for me)) and wished him a Merry Christmas ((train 1 came into the station unloaded and departed)).  I even gave him a brief hug to make sure he knew I really meant the "Merry Christmas" comment  ((train #2 approached)) and I made a comment thinking He doesn't have my number. He really should ask for my number if this was in fact a date.  But he wasn't saying a thing.  He was smiling, but not talking or offering anything.  I heard train #3 in the distance.  The subway announcer confirmed it.  I wasn't going to let THREE trains pass me by.  So, I went for it ((not my typical style with men-- especially those I wanted to date)) and blurted out what I was thinking, "If you want my number, now is a good time to ask for it."  I looked down to see he was in the process of pulling his phone out of his pocket.  He smiled and said, "yeah, can I have your number?"  I gave it to him, and hurried on to the train waiting at the station.  I felt to terrible I didn't wait another minute to let him ask!

((to be continued next week...))

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  1. What a fun post. I love hearing the journey of others!!!


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