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Thursday, November 17, 2011

thankful on paper {3}

If you've been reading along this week, you may be surprised I'm interrupting the regularly scheduled program ((a series about money saving tips for the Holidays...and year round)) for this post.  But the truth is, I started Thankful on Paper at the beginning of the month and wanted to keep it up even though I was planning a series about something un-related.  I think it's too important not to pause for a day and be thankful for a friend.
Today, I'm celebrating my dear friend of fifteen years, Carrie.  ((Growing up in five different states, I'll admit, it's weird to be old enough to have friends that I've now known for half my life)).  Carrie and I met through Young Life when were sophomores in high school...actually our moms met and they introduced us.

I was drawn to Carrie for many reasons: she played the guitar and was in a band, she was a really genuinely sweet person and she always had a lot of questions  ((she kept me on  my toes)).  Fast forward a few years and Carrie and I ended up at different colleges.  We stayed in touch, but then both had some life-changing circumstances and lost touch for at least a year.  Thankfully, we reconnected in person after college and our friendship really began to thrive.  My family had moved out of state, but I had the chance to visit Carrie a few times.
Two visits to Boston had me convinced it was time to relocate! With Carrie watching the World Series in October 2007 and at a rooftop BBQ in June 2008 when I was in town for a job interview
In 2008, I was considering moving to Boston, where Carrie was living with some wonderful roommates.  She reached out to me in a time I needed an old friend and invited me to live with her and two roommates.  I was so grateful for her offer and had the pleasure of living with her for two years before the mister swept me off my feet ((more on that coming soon)).  Carrie invited me into a community of friends in Boston, I can't imagine my life with out.

Today, I'm thankful for Carrie's passion for people.  She works as a counselor and I admire her greatly for it.  She is patient with everyone ((another quality I admire)) and so loving.  Carrie is a great listener and I treasure our times together in our busy lives.  I'm so thankful to have Carrie in my life!

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