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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I am {blank} because...

I'm sure you've seen a few  posts around lately filling in "the blank."  You can check out the original "I am blank because..." post from Little Miss Momma to see what's it's all about.  I love these kinds of posts, because it's a chance to learn more about fellow bloggers.  Here goes my turn...
I am weird because...
orange juice and other citrus fruits make me break out, so I avoid them ((sigh))
I have never lived in the same state as another relative outside of my immediate family
I have a big crush on the city of Boston
I get emotional over sports ((particularly college ice hockey and major league baseball))
I like to eat most leftovers cold
I haven't seen most music videos and get shocked when I do see even snippets of them
I'm just not hip with pop culture, rarely knowing the name of songs or who celebs are

I am a bad friend because...
I have high expectations
I don't always assume others have the best intentions
I talk when I should listen
I would rather stay in than go out
I am a good friend because...
I am thoughtful
I like to do/make things for others
I write thank you notes and reply to emails promptly
I remember birthdays
I'm easy to entertain-- love running errands with friends

I am sad because...
our family is spread across the country & it makes getting together a challenge ((especially at the holidays))
my grandparents are getting old and our relationship isn't the same as it was even five years ago
I struggle to find contentment lately
this time of year makes me miss my mom
I have a hard time bouncing back from mistakes, even when they're not mine

I am happy because...
my old church just put out their Christmas album and I can't stop listening to it
I love my job
my husband is an outstanding cook and carpenter
we have amazing friends
I recently redesigned the blog ((have you noticed?))
I am excited for...
the day I become a mother ((no, you didn't miss anything, I just know it will happen some day))
drinking hot chocolate when the weather turns colder
decorating our house for Christmas
baking new recipes I've found via Pinterest
our kitchen to be finished ((we still have the floor and counter tops to complete))
two weeks off around Christmas

Have you written an "I am blank" post?  If so, leave the link below so I can check it out!

((...and in case you missed my December sponsorship announcement, check it out!  I'm trying something new.))


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