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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

dot cuts back {trends on a budget}

Thank you to all the fabulous guest bloggers I've had over the past TWO weeks!  It's been a pleasure to have such amazing ideas from such giving blog friends!  When I first asked people to write about their money saving tips, I was a bit nervous but quickly learned everyone was eager to share and had a specific area they felt strongly about ((in case you missed them, I'll recap below)).  Today, it's my turn to share some tips about updating your wardrobe on a tight budget.

Here's my approach to looking good on a budget:
  1. Know the trends ((if that interests you))
  2. Decide which item((s)) you want most OR will benefit from between both work and play ((I usually base it on what's versatile, fits within the budget, etc.))
  3. Make a list ((and stick to it!!!))
  4. Be willing to search high and low for the "right" item ((this will likely mean looking at many stores-- and I love nothing more than the thrill of the chase))
  5. Have will power ((while you're looking, you're sure to come across things you didn't know you want)) but you'll need to keep on moving to stay on task
...and now, I'm about to get real honest.

My list & budget for fall/winter 2011 ((September to January)):
>>brown leather boots (($25))
>>tights (($10))
>>infinity scarf (($5))
>>slouchy knit cap (($5))
>>misc. accessories (($5))
total: $50
dress {h&m last year}, cardigan {Loft last year}, scarf {birthday gift from Cotton Lane}, boots {Target last year}, tights {Target}, earrings {Christmas gift last year from Pretties by Meg}
I am still looking for boots ((and I started the search about a month ago)).  I've been going to thrift stores and consignment shops and I believe I will find the pair I'm looking for, I just have to be patient.

About a month ago, while wandering through Target knowing I couldn't spend more then $10, I discovered tights in some fun colors for $5/pair.  I bought two pairs in trendy colors ((mustard yellow and rust orange)).  They will definitely get me through the winter ((in addition to the brown/grey/black pairs I already own)).

I used a tutorial  I found via Pinterest to upcycle a t-shirt into an infinity scarf & have plans to try to find some lace for another, easily keeping me within my budget since I'll use materials I already have ((thread, t-shirt)) and only spend a small amount for the lace ((hello thrift stores)).
{t-shirt chain scarf} {t-shirt and lace scarf}
I am learning to crochet and plan to make my own slouchy knit cap (( I already made an infinity scarf)), so I bought some yarn ((two skeens for less than $5 is reasonable with sales/coupons at Michael's you just have to know when the sales are)).

For accessories, I take note of trends I see and make my own.  Thankfully, I have a jewelry making "stash" I've acquired over the years that allows me to create a faux enamel necklace like this or embellish a belt like this.
{faux enamel necklace} {anthro belt}
What trends are you digging this season?

And in case you missed the earlier posts in this terrific series, here's a recap:
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Many thanks to all who shared their tips and those who read along--  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

((...and in case you missed my December sponsorship announcement))

I'm linking here for the first time with What I Wore Wednesday!


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