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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

blogging from the heart {fitting in}

Last week, Alison challenged me by sharing what's on her heart.  And invited us to join something larger to consider blogging from the heart.  I like to think I'm fairly open + honest on this blog, but I don't often share everyday struggles, despite admiring many other bloggers who do so.  I am more comfortable sharing pretty things ((DIY projects, recipes and lovely handmade finds)) around here.
So here we go...lately, I feel like I don't fit in and I'll tell you why ((yes, I've been keeping track even though I know I shouldn't)).  I find myself believing I don't fit in with the people in my life day-to-day.  It makes me feel alone.  And here are the reasons I tell myself I don't fit in...
  • Most church friends have kids and we don't
  • My colleagues and neighbors who have family that live nearby ((our closest family member is more than a few states away) 
  • The DINKs ((double income, no kids)) of my life ((my husband is in school and works very part-time))
  • The blog world because I don't have a handmade shop
  • Other homeowners who have a house that looks put together ((versus our place with its missing ceiling in the living room and unfinished floors and walls in the kitchen))
Deep down, I believe we are in the right place.  We bought the house we're meant to own.  My husband is in seminary and getting the opportunity to learn what he's always wanted to study.  I'm in the right job and have a lot of opportunities to grow professionally.  


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