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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

blogger award

Last week sweet Melissa gave me the Versatile Blogger Award. I'm so honored!
Rules of the award: 
You must share seven things about yourself and award seven other lovely bloggers to pass it around! Let your bloggers know you awarded them!
My Seven things:
1.  I was born in Florida.
2.  I've lived at a different address 13 months or less since 1999 ((hoping this is the year that changes since we bought a house)).

3.  I carry more lip products than you'd guess ((and always forget to wear them)).
4.  My all-time favorite movie is You've Got Mail.
5.  I've never worked in retail or a restaurant.
6.  I worked as a costume character of Mr.Whitaker for a summer.
7.  Ice cream is my biggest weakness ((year round)).

The seven bloggers I'm awarding:
Maggy, Rachel, Erika, Julie, Megan, Kristen and Michele


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