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Thursday, October 27, 2011

thirty things {update}

The year of being thirty has come and gone...and I have to say it wasn't so bad.  It was a great year for me ((and my husband and dog)).  But I wanted to give an update on the thirty things challenge I made for myself over a year ago.

Last year, I was feeling kind of down about turning thirty.  Not because it was the end of an era or I was getting old, but to keep myself motivated to try new things.  So, I made a list of things I wanted to while I was thirty.  Throughout the year, I accomplished a lot of my goals ((about half)), but I decided I'm going to keep it up ((thanks to some encouragement from friends)).
I'm also adding a few things to the list that were not on it, but seem to be accomplishments for the year.
-buy a home ((gulp, I still can't believe we did this))
-trade our car in for a hybrid  ((I'm so thankful we made this choice))
-learn to tear down a wall made of plaster and install drywall ((while I wouldn't say I can do this on my own, I'm certainly more knowledgeable home renovation than I was a year ago))
-Prezi ((if you have never heard of this, consider yourself lucky, it's like PowerPoint but souped up))

And I'm adding a few things I want to challenge myself to learn/do in the coming year:
-learn to crochet
-visit Cape Cod with my husband ((he's never been and has lived in MA for six years))
-use less plastic ((reusable bags for more than shopping))
-complete our kitchen renovation

{And for my progress, you can check this page, which I'll keep updating.}

Do you challenge yourself to learn/do new things?

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