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Saturday, October 8, 2011

saturday is crafty day {autumn mantle}

I wanted to invite you to take a look into our home on a Saturday in October.  This is somewhat risky because of the multiple rooms that are currently unfinished.  Every time we have someone over we find ourselves apologizing for the ugliness that comes with refinishing spaces.  I really love that we bought an 89-year-old home that needs some serious TLC, but I have to be honest, I wish I could post lovely photos of how we painted one room and decorated another.  Instead, it's slightly embarrassing to be the house on the block we describe as "you know the one with the pile of trash in the garage" and people know exactly which house you mean ((gulp)).

Do you ever find yourself focusing on the negatives?  I catch myself in a cycle of what I don't have or what I won't get.  So I have to keep reminding myself it won't always be like this: unfinished floors in the kitchen ((hardwood floors that have been covered by three layers of linoleum for 50 years or more)), an open ceiling exposing the floor joists with no drywall to finish it in the living room and a second bathroom with a toilet and sink yet to be plumbed.

So, this morning I decided to celebrate my favorite season ((autumn)) by decorating one space that isn't "under construction," the mantle.  It was especially fun because it included a few DIY projects I'd been planning to complete.
I used several ideas I found via Pinterest:
I also incorporated a few pieces from from a friend's wedding last weekend: my bridesmaid bouquet, large mason jar, and a wheat bundle. I had some mini pumpkins I plan to use for mini pumpkin souffles but they will look cute on the mantle until we cook them.
I've already thought of a few ideas for the thankful tree...I am thankful we are able to do the renovations ourselves ((my husband has some serious carpentry skills)).  I am grateful we don't have children during this time of transition ((our house is very unsafe for a kid and sometimes I wonder how much drywall our dog has eaten)).  I am thankful we've saved lots of money finding deals appliances, cabinets and many other things.  I am grateful for the house itself...we are homeowners!

((I'm linking up with Laura and Scatter Girls))

Have a great Saturday and long weekend!  Do you have any fun plans?

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