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Friday, October 7, 2011

little things {my love}

It's been a busy week.  My husband and I had one evening together at home since last Thursday ((a week ago)) and that's been kind of the way our weeks have gone since September started.  He's in class and working part-time, while I work full-time.  We also have commitments at church and try to make time to hang out with friends.  A lot of these activities are life-giving, but it makes for a busy season of life.

This week I've been thinking about the many 'little things' my husband does to show love in the midst of this season of jam-packed schedules.
((photo taken last weekend at a friend's wedding))
{one} He cooks really well ((on nights we're home)) and made two great fish dishes this week ((I love fish)).

{two} He bathed the dog while I was working Sunday night.

{three} He takes care of the car...and often drives me places ((we have one vehicle)).

{four} He replaced a piece in our toilet so the water stopped running all the time...and it has a low-flow feature now ((can you tell I know nothing 'technical' about toilets?))

{five} He taught the dog to play with a huge's so cute!

{six} He made lunch for me to take to work two days this week..

{seven} He often does the grocery shopping ((a task I despise)) but this week we went together which was kinda fun.

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