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Friday, October 21, 2011

little things {around the house}

This week has been another busy one with packed schedules, though not as chaotic as the last two weeks ((read: we had more than one evening home together)).  But I made a conscious effort to note the 'little things' that made the week special for me and the mister.

-watching college football with my husband

-an early birthday present from my aunt of peony bulbs and planning a garden in the backyard. We're going to add daffodil bulbs too.

-spending time with a friend while running errands.  I love friends who can bring joy to the most mundane tasks like going to Target on a Saturday ((gulp)).

-impromptu Sunday night dinner guests.  There's this couple from church who we have only hung out with twice now and every time we do it's like we've been friends forever...such a blessing!

-new blinds in the living room and a curtain rod ((both purchased with a gift card the mister won from work)).  The change makes our living room much more cozy feeling ((and will hopefully keep it warmer)).

-watching our play dog in the backyard on a perfect fall afternoon.  Isn't he precious?

-this was my last full week of being thirty and even though my 30 things list won't be complete when I turn 31 on Monday, I still feel incredibly blessed by all that occurred in my life in the past year.

I'm joining Lindsay's Little Things Link Up ((and loving the people I meet every week I join in))!
Aisle to Aloha

...and coming next week!


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