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Thursday, October 20, 2011

5 things thursday {sweet things}

This is my first week to link up with Abbie of Five Days...5 Ways. She has a great blog about thrifting clothing ((one of my favorite past-times)) and more.  The theme for this week's post is "sweet things."

{1} I wore the same scarf & boots three days in a row earlier this week.  Oh, and the earrings.  It's a pretty SWEET combo...and I will certainly be repeating it more this season ((hopefully not multiple days in a row though)).
{2} I put together a SWEET photo album on our Facebook page for dinner recipes I've shared on the blog...keep it in mind when you're looking for some dinner inspiration ((there are even a few vegetarian options and more will be coming)).  Check it out!

{3} Speaking of recipes, I've been trying a few from blogland.  Two faves of the week include ((and they do contain sugar)): scarecrow crunch via Pinterest & caramel apple cake from Rouge & Whimsy

{4} I could live on SWEET potatoes. They are my favorite 'meal for 1.'  During the evenings when my husband has class, I can hardly resist the urge to make a baked sweet potato for my dinner.  I discovered the beauty of the baked sweet potato before I was married and it became one of my staple meals.  If you've never tried it, may I suggest picking up a medium sweet potato ((or whatever size you think would make a decent meal-- no judgement here)).
-simply rinse it under cool water and rub it off to remove any dirt
-then grab a fork to poke it about 5-7 times ((this allows steam to escape as it cooks))
-place in microwave safe dish/bowl and nuke for about 6 minutes ((depending on size))
-check the 'doneness' of the potato by poking your fork into it
-it's done when your fork easily slides all the way to the center
-top with butter/margarine, salt and pepper ((or however you like))

{5} You know what else is SWEET?!  Seeing all multiple orange boxes/bags of seasonal goodness in the pantry.  I love all things pumpkin flavored and candy corn ((just to name a few)).

What are the {sweet things} in your life this week?
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