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Thursday, September 29, 2011

a princess tea party

Over the weekend, I helped with a princess tea party hosted by my church.  There were so many beautiful details, I just had to share some photos.

The concept was beautiful, to make every little girl in attendance feel like a princess.  The planning was flawless; they thought of everything.  The children (and parents) who came, were in awe.

There were activities (crafts and face painting), lots of food, even some dancing (to Princess music of course) and a movie about a princess.  

And the lovely ladies who I had so much with!  They worked so hard to make the event beautiful (notice the tiny cotton candy some are holding) and I was a late addition to the process, simply decorating and being there to setup.

Have you seen any creatively themed children's events lately?


  1. Hi Beth! I LOVE (love, adore, and am inspired by) the Princess Tea Party. We'll be doing a similar tea party for our Royal Family Kids' Camp for abused and neglected Foster Care Kids next summer here in Colorado. Woo! Thanks for the inspiration. Beautiful! Oh...and, I love your blog. Adorable. : )

  2. Great pictures Beth! The last one is my fav.


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