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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

gift giving

I know it might seem premature to think about the holidays and gift-giving, but the season is fast approaching and I'm seeing gift ideas on Pinterest lately.  I keep thinking about what I want to make for others for Christmas, but so often I get bogged down considering if they'll like what I come up with. I've been thinking gift giving is about the person receiving the gift, not the one giving it.
Confession: I have not given a gift on time (on someone's birthday) because I didn't know what to get and would rather not give something than give the wrong thing.  Is that normal?

Recently, I was considering my favorite gifts.  I love a gift with meaning or purpose.  It tells me someone knew me well enough to select something they had no doubt I would appreciate and love.  One such gift that stands out came from my aunt and uncle for our wedding in 2010.  It wasn't even new, but it had a lot of meaning and purpose.  They gave us a set of glass candle holders (along with a bunch of new candles) and the card explained the candle holders were given to them in 1979 by my parents for their wedding.  I will treasure those candle holders not because of their monetary value, but because my mother selected them for her brother over thirty years ago.

What kinds of gifts do you give?

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  1. We do a lot of handmade in my family. I'm a bit sentimental and love used, meaningful gifts =) The candlestick story is great!


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