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Monday, August 29, 2011

seven things

This post was inspired by Erika and Savannah.

7 places I would like to visit: 
-The Holy Land
-Seattle, Washington
-Tanzania to visit our Compassion child
-go back to Dublin, Ireland and stay for more than a day
-Hawaii -any island
-go back to Siena [Italy] and take my husband
-Yosemite National Park [California]

7 things I would like to make:
-difference in someone's life
-doughnuts [from scratch]
-a skirt [like this or many others on my DIY pinterest board]
-soup from scratch
-roman shades for the dining/living rooms
-a baby...just making sure you're paying attention.
-a dress like this

7 people I would like to meet [dead or alive]:
-my husband's grandfather, Bob [he had a lot of influence on Brandon's life growing up]
-Corrie ten Boom [Dutch, Christian Holocaust survivor who helped many Jews escape the Nazis]
-Bill Cosby [I grew up watching The Cosby Show and saw him live once]
-Sandra McCracken [my favorite musician]
-Mike Holmes [because I want him to come check out our house]

7 things I would like to own:
-a pair of ssekos
-a dining room table and benches made of reclaimed wood
-my own etsy shop [I keep hoping to open one, but with our home renovations haven't had  made time]
-vintage salt + pepper shakers [like this]
-a cabin in the mountains
-a vespa 
-a vegetable garden

7 things that annoy me:
-when people don't put on their turn signal [while driving]
-chipped nail polish
-when I have something in my teeth and no one tells me
-phrases like "I die" or "just shoot me"
-the sound of someone chewing/chomping/smacking their food
-when people act helpless
-living on a busy street and being woken up by motorcycles [among other vehicles] during the night

7 films I love:
-E.T. [I was obsesses with this as a child...not really sure why]

7 funny words:
-brrr-ful [my best friend from college made this one up] and it's used when I'm cold
-poochkin [one of my husband's many nicknames for our dog

What are your seven things?  I'd love to know.

Blogiversary giveaway winners announced! 
Again, a special thanks to Sarah and Erika for their generosity.
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  1. Beth! I love this post! And that skirt is absolutely amazing...can we please get together and each make one. I can't believe how cute it is! Also, loved and appreciated the "making a baby". You are wonderful and I love posts that really showcase your personality!

  2. Congrats to the winners!! (And I would like to make a baby someday too :D )

  3. yay! visiting Seattle!

    chipped nail polish bugs me too-- which i why i never paint my nails.


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