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Friday, August 19, 2011

a letter to Milton

photo by Scotland Huber
Dear Milton,

You have been part of our family for nearly a year now.  Do you remember when we picked you up from a shelter in Maine over Labor Day weekend in 2010?  You were so small [about 15 pounds] and nervous.  You couldn't decide to sit, stand or lay down in the back seat of the car, but you did know there was no way you would sit in the front seat to let me hold you.  You were on guard and rightly so because of your first five months of life and the abuse you endured.

Slowly, we gained your trust and now you will hardly let us out of your sight.  You follow us from room to room and want to be close when we sit down on the couch.  I mean you don't leave room for air to come between us with your leaning.  Just the other day you curled up between Brandon's back and the back of the couch.  For a 35 pound dog, you really know how to wedge yourself into places.

You never cease to surprise us with your antics.  Just a few months ago while I was cooking dinner and Brandon was doing yard work you made your blanket into a cape, parading from upstairs to the kitchen with the expression of "look what I did" in your eyes. Oh how you love our attention, and beg for it even when we're already giving it.

We are so happy to have you in our family, even if you leave your fur all over the house.  Does shedding season end?  You make us laugh and want to scream [sometimes within minutes of each other].  We love you, no matter what we call you [Milty, Milly Vanilly, Mil-Tron, Miltronomo and the list goes on] and are happy you keep us on our toes.

With Love,
in the backyard
wedged in between Brandon's back and the couch
wearing his blanket turned cape -who says capes are only for kids?
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  1. LOVE this! Milton looks soooo adorable :) You are lucky to have each other!!

  2. Yay, aren't our furbabies the best!?

    P.S. I'm hosting a giveaway today, you should come check it out!

  3. This has got to be the cutest post ever :) I love it. Thanks for linking up to Scatter Girl. Milton is the best. I love how you wrote this in letter format how original.


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