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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

cupcake wrapper name tag {how to}

Unique name tags can be hard to come by, but recently
I found this idea via Pinterest and put my own spin on it since I don't have a button maker.
We used these name tags for this bridal shower last weekend.
{1} select your colors & corresponding cupcake wrappers
I was surprised to find a pretty good selection at my local Michael's for $2-4 for 50
{2} assemble your supplies
regular size [red dot] cupcake wrapper
cut [book page] paper circle 3.5" diameter
small [white] cupcake wrapper
cut [blue] inner circle 2.5" diameter
flat back pins
hot glue gun with glue
{3} layer up & glue
flatten the biggest wrapper [bright side up] & stack book page circle on top adhering with hot glue
I don't recommend using a glue stick, it wasn't strong enough
flatten small cupcake wrapper and hot glue
hot glue final circle [you could also use a sticker if you want to print them from a computer]
{4} name & pin 
handwrite the names on each tag [or use circle labels with names printed by the computer]
attach the flat back pin using hot glue gun
{5} enjoy some of the prettiest name tags around
event goers are sure to comment on the different design
and may even hold on to them as a keepsake!
[still working on getting a good photo of some ladies wearing them]

Have you crafted anything lately?
[ may have noticed I haven't posted any DIY's since this one in June!]

Thirty Hand Made Days

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  1. What a great idea!! I'm definitely going to use this in the future!


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