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Saturday, August 20, 2011

35 years ago today

My parents said "I do." It was a Friday night in 1976.

[from left to right] wedding rehearsal, waiting to walk down the aisle, receiving line and in the car ready to leave the reception - I just love the expressions on my mom's face.

Their marriage was a great example to me [and others who knew them well] of unconditional love, perseverance, contentment, patience and respect. I took their solid relationship and love for our family for granted while I was young. It wasn't until my mom's last months of life that I really put together just how they loved each other [at least partially] in their marriage. I remember driving her to an appointment one morning and telling her how I was afraid I would never find someone to love me like Dad loved her. She teared up and grabbed my hand, encouraging me to trust God. 

They had a Christ-centered marriage, putting their individual relationships with Jesus before their relationship with each other. They didn't just talk about God as loving and all-powerful, but they both knew him and their marriage was better for it. Their example taught me life was not about where we went to church or what kind of vacation we took, it was about being grateful for each day and living it fully. 

They chose Matthew 18:20 as the verse to be inscribed on their wedding bands. It quotes Jesus saying, "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I among them." They shared a life that wasn't easy with my mom being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer less than a year into their marriage. But they believed Jesus Christ was with them through moving to new places with my dad's Air Force career, multiple battles with cancer, and raising two children.

our family white water rafting in Colorado, summer 1997

I'm so grateful for their example, especially now that I'm married. I truly appreciate the way they demonstrated love to each other and their kids. I know my marriage will not look like theirs in some ways, yet I cannot help but think about my parents when I consider my own. Today, I am celebrating the gift of marriage!

my parents dancing at a family wedding in the early 1990's

For those who may be new around here, my mom passed away in June 2001 from septic shock following a third bout with cancer. I've written about her:
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  1. What a beautiful post Beth! I'm always blessed and encouraged when you share about your amazing family.

  2. Such a wonderful testimony of a family lovin' the Lord and each other. It's great that you were raised seeing a healthy marriage. So sorry for your mom's passing. thank you for sharing...:)

  3. This is a lovely post :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a wonderful post, happy anniversary to them!

  5. Something worth celebrating...we look forward to celebrating married awesomeness with you and Brandon soon.


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