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Thursday, July 28, 2011

thankful {2}

156. Friends to hang out with while the mister is in class [two weeks in a tow].

157.  A trip to Trader Joe's
[since we moved, I'm so much further away and rarely make it there].

158. Going into Boston three days this week.

159. Free prints from Snapfish that made me look through engagement,
wedding and other photos I neglected to print for over a year.
I am so grateful for the many friends and family members who love and support us.

160. A rainbow on a cool summer pretty!

161. My husband's ever gracious attitude when I am not on time to pick him up.
I've been trying so hard to be more timely, but have been foiled by road construction, etc.
and he's just so patient and understanding about it.
[oh, the challenges of being a one car couple]

162. A 'fundatory' staff ice cream outing at work.

What are you grateful for this week?

P.S. I'm guest posting for TWO awesome bloggers today:
Caroline at Good Times Never Seem Sew Good and Maggy at Living Tall.
Stop by and say 'hi.'


  1. I like the grateful posts =) I'm grateful for a healthy fam & summer time to spend time together outside.

  2. we are a one-car couple too! but i am grateful that most days i am able to walk to work! i need to start making friend dates for when my hubby has class (which will be 3, maybe 4 nights a week come fall!) this week i have a mom date :)

    i'm jealous you live so close to boston. i really want to travel there with joel some day, i think he'd love it.


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