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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

a look inside

I know I've been traveling when I open my purse and cannot find what I'm looking for...I mean I have to rummage through napkins, granola bars, multiple packs of gum/mints, two pairs of sunglasses and so many other items that don't normally live there. It takes me twice as long to find what I opened the purse for originally. As I pulled out the many things that reminded me of our trip, the people I'd seen and places we went, I decided to take some photos to share...because it was actually quite pretty!
my new magenta ray-bans from my MIL (I would never buy these, but they're f-u-n)
snacks! we really like the granola thins
lots of lip stuff + other essentials (camera, wallet, ear buds, shopping bag) 
map, 2 packs of gum, notebooks, coffee cuffs + article on Dublin I wanted to keep
the purse itself, love the fossil key-per!
Do you accumulate more than usual in your purse when you travel?
((Do you take the time to clean it out?))


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