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Monday, July 25, 2011

lessons learned {beach edition}

Have you heard about this new series from Karen?  I'm loving it!
On average, I make it to the beach about once or twice a year, so I'm often re-learning/remembering what I would do differently next time.  Though I will say, last week's beach experience was far superior to others I've had. 

{1} Always bring a small shovel or trowel with you to the beach.  I forget it's a lot easier to get the umbrella into place if you have the proper tools.

{2} Not all parking lots are labeled...and I so wish I took a photo for you.  When we arrived at the beach on Friday, there was an empty dirt lot where a woman was sitting under a large sign about parking or signs the beach was nearby [except for the salty ocean air I smelled when the car window came down to ask about parking].

{3} Pasta salad [in individual containers] with lots of veggies is the perfect beach lunch.  Cherries, however are not the perfect beach food...unless you have a plastic bag to deposit the stem & pits into.

{4} Baby wipes are better than hand sanitizer and quite necessary to happiness at the beach.  Not being a mom, I don't buy them often, but read they're great for the beach [getting the saltiness of your skin and all].

{5} Bring your AAA card with you no matter what.  I had pared down my wallet since I didn't want to have much with me for the beach.  On the way to the beach, we noticed the air was getting low in one of the tires and stopped at a gas station to fill it [insert shout-out to the nice guy at the Shell in Marshfield here]. Thankdfully, I didn't have to use my AAA card, but I was sure glad I brought it in case the leaky tire returned while the car was parked in the sun for five hours.

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  1. Loved this little list YES AAA is a life saver! I can not even say how many times I have had to call them

  2. oh my my... are baby wipes the best thing on earth, or what? I know, now that I'm a Mama and always have them on me... I don't even use hand sani anymore! :)

  3. thanks for linking up... I always love your lessons :)


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