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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

just {beet} it

A few weeks ago, my husband came home from the grocery store with beets. 
I was skeptical thinking, I've never had them and managed to avoid them for the past 30 years,
why the heck is he bringing the purple magenta plants home? Are they like a blue potato?
And then the kicker came...he planned to grill them. 
I was convinced they'd taste terrible with a bit of char-grilled flavor to them.
Well, as much as part of me hates to admit I was wrong, the beets tasted great!
We were both surprised their flavor was mild, yet tasty...and so our foray into beet recipes began.

This week, I made this recipe [though omitted the parsley, shallots and 
red wine vinegar because I didn't have them on hand]. 
They were salty & sweet.  
I really liked this method of roasting them; the skin peels right off.
Have you ever had beets?
Is there a veggie or other food you were afraid to try and surprised to like it?


  1. so I've never liked beets. OR so i thought.
    Probably 'cuz I'd only had the canned kind and let's be honest, a lot of things canned are not so good.

    but then I was at my bff's bridal shower and her mom's friend made BEET guacamole. Delicious and I've since changed my mind about the weird little veggie. :)

  2. I loooooove beets! Cold, chopped and covered in a vinaigrette :)

  3. We started eating beets this year after getting them in our farm share. I really love them raw in a salad (peeled and chopped obv.), or I use a mandolin to slice them very thin, put a little olive oil, cinnamon and sugar on them and pop them in the oven to make chips. Delicious!

  4. i don't normally like beets, but perhaps i should try roasting them. they're so pretty!


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