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Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Grannybel!

My paternal grandmother, Annabel, was born 90 years ago today to Ben and Mary Frances of York, PA.  She was raised Pennsylvania and married Ted in 1943.
Besides the fact that her birthday is on 7/11 (a.k.a. free Slurpy day), Annabel has was fortunate have two children and travel with Ted's career in the Air Force, living in Maryland, Washington, DC, Nebraska, California, New York, Japan, and Virginia before returning to their hometown in Pennsylvania in 1989.

Annabel came to be known as 'Granny' in 1975, when her first of five grandchildren were born (they were twins).  We also affectionately call her 'Grannybel' (combining her first name with Granny). She loved to cook (but rarely does anymore) and I have a great stash of recipes from her. When I was first living away from home I frequently called her to ask how she made things like chicken or potato salad, crab cakes and vegetable soup...she'd often tell me to add a hunk of any given ingredient...I guess her cooking wasn't all the exact, but it sure was tasty!
We enjoyed a fantastic celebration over the weekend for her birthday, having her two children, five grandchildren and four great grandchildren in attendance. We are so blessed to have her influence on our lives!
Granny with her kids, Marcia & Harry (my dad)
great grandchildren ages 18 mos. to 4 years old
Happy 90th Birthday, Grannybel!


  1. Wow, 90! What a full and beautiful life ;)

  2. I'm so late on this, but happy birthday Grannybel! She's such a doll!


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