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Monday, June 27, 2011

tickle me tuesday {hemmed in}

The past few weeks have been kind of tough and I haven't wanted to admit it to myself...or anyone else.  I have been busy with life, moving from one thing to the next.  But when I stop long enough to feel the self-centeredness creep in, I realize just how selfish I am.  I rely on myself.  I focus on my wants.  I take too much pride in my independence.  It's pretty ugly.

Recently, it hit me as I was reading from the Psalms and drinking in God's promises...sweet words I longed for.  And this song, like so many of Sandra's, met me there.  It's not a new one and was released ten years ago when Gypsy Flat Road first came out [check out the the album for FREE].  

I love the lyrics.   I am aware of my failures, yet I know where Home is.  Life isn't supposed to be perfect and we will have troubles.  Yet, our God is bigger than all of it; He knows each of us completely from before we were formed in our mother's womb.

The song speaks a powerful reminder from Psalm 139: 
"You hem me in, behind and before"

Now and Then by Sandra McCracken
I know where I'm bound
And where I'm chained
And where I'm left alone
I know no hunger, and I feel no pain
But tonight I wanna go home

Stay with me now and then
From all sides hem me in
Sing me a song
So I can close my eyes

Before I was born
Every day recorded
Your thoughts like grains of sand
Through the wide-eyed night
In the morning light
As my days demand

With the fears of a girl
and the heart of a woman
and everything in between
though I swim this ocean
and ride these wings
where you are, is where I'll be

I'm linked up with Sarah for Tickle Me Tuesday.


  1. It's a beautiful song, and I love their sound!

  2. Lovely song and lovely's not easy writing stuff like that and putting it "out there"...good for you!

  3. So glad you shared....we all have moments like this, just many times we don't admit it. Love her music =)


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