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Friday, June 10, 2011

Ireland {sport & sites}

During our travels, we saw some things unique to Ireland,
including the sport of hurling, a castle and the Cliffs of Moher.

We got to go to a hurling match on a Sunday afternoon.
Hurling is a popular sport in a lot of Ireland
and kids grow up playing it.
It looks like a combination of lacrosse, baseball and rugby.

Dirty Nelly's & Bunratty Castle
We ate lunch at Dirty Nelly's, an old pub.
Along the wooden beams were fire
& police badges from around the world,
as you can imagine, we spotted several from Massachusetts.
We had dinner in the castle and they served four courses,
 but we were only given a dagger to eat with.
Note the guy in a kilt with bagpipes in the center foreground.
Entertainment before the meal.
Our host, Donnchadh, ended up singing on stage!
Cliffs of Moher
This was my favorite part of the trip!
The Cliffs were just as breathtaking and it was quite windy
(as expected), but the sun was shining while we visited.
Check out the clouds on the right...rain rolling in!
A few of us walked out on this path...very narrow!

Ireland was very green & we had great weather (mostly).
Do you have a favorite place 
you've visited or want to see in Ireland?

1 comment:

  1. What beautiful shots!
    And I can't imagine eating my meal with a dagger :)
    I don't know much about Ireland, I just want to go.


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