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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

tickle me tuesday: mason jars

on Sunday, I woke up thinking about mason jars.
How odd is that? 

I love the idea of decorating with mason jars and have for a while.
I think it's their understated& classic look that drew me 
to them when I was considering wedding decor over a year ago.
We used them at the ceremony & reception.
photo by Meaghan Elliott
This week's Tickle Me Tuesday led me to
find these lovely mason jars via Pinterest....

...bringing light {wall sconce}
...promising a refreshing summer {sweet tea}
...holding a delicious treat {cherry pie}
what's your favorite use for a mason jar?

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  1. I've been digging your mason jar pins on Pinterest!

  2. They are soooo versatile! Love them :)

  3. Kevin bought me a set of 5 mason jars that had been upcycled into solar lanterns for Mother's Day. Each one is a different color, so I have a bit of a rainbow every night when they come on. We are LOVING their gentle glow at night while we sleep with the windows open. I LOVE mason jars! They seem to connect me to the past---the canning and preserving, jelly making, and the lemonade and iced tea sipped out of them with my grandmothers! I got so excited when my stepmom sent me home last weekend with a couple of boxes full of hers!


  4. we used to drink out of mason jars sometimes when I was a kid. It always felt special and fun!

  5. Mason jars bring back memories of visiting the relatives when I was growing up. All the food that was "put up", the homemade jellies and the best ever sweet tea! I use them for storing my vintage buttons.

  6. i just decorated by bathroom with mason jars... i {heart} them.

  7. Oh that sweet tea looks so refreshing!

  8. Oh my goodness (hi by the way, new to your blog)
    I am OBSESSED with mason jars and have a pinterest board dedicated to them and their endless possibilities. :D

    :) erika @


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