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Friday, May 27, 2011

my bags are packed

I'm leaving for Ireland soon & I'm trying something different than usual;
I packed a color scheme rather than "outfits."
I "planned" the color scheme as I pulled things out of my closet,
and I just put this together to give you an idea of the actual colors,
finding a picture on Pinterest that showed my colors [sans black].
imagepalette generator
I'm going with reds, teal/blues, grays, black and white.
For anyone who knows me in real life, this is
a bit of a step out of my comfort zone for [at least] two reasons:
I wear mostly earth tones browns or navy blue &
I've always taken outfits when traveling.
notice my helper? He knows something is up.
The good thing about living in New England,
is that it's prepared me for the weather "across the pond."
I'm thinking the dreary, cool weather
[high around 60 degrees Fahrenheit] has prepared me well.
It's extra sad because the temps hit 80  here for the first time since October this week.

Since I'm going to be in a new place,
I've been doing my best to prepare for changes I anticipate.
Here's my list of [hopefully] helpful items:
Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion app [iPad]
Electrical adapter & transformer
Skype [iPad] to call home
Two rain jackets & an umbrella all fit!
What do you always pack when you travel?

P.S. -I'm also over at City of Blackbirds today!


  1. i'm just now venturing out and adding colors to my wardrobe too! i'm a basic black, white, gray and brown girl. i often take my fave jeans and a bunch of my comfy tshirts along with a few cardigans!

    have an awesome trip!

  2. Oh fun! How long are you going for?

    I don't travel all that much, so I'm not much of a help.

  3. Awesome trip! Can I come with?

    I usually pack things that I can mix and match to create outfits based on how I am feeling. So a handful of v-necks, some shirts and a handful of cardigans ans sweaters to wear over. A couple pairs of jeans and some sandals round it out. :)


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