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Monday, May 23, 2011

miscellany monday {9}

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
[I was really bad about taking pictures this weekend, so I borrowed a few]

...anyone want to guess the number of trips made to Home Depot
& Lowe's this past weekend as we installed a new kitchen sink?
[I didn't actually count, but there were multiple trips per day]

our Friday night started out with a flat tire.
We were about to go to Ikea to buy more cabinets
for the kitchen, but realized our tire wasn't going to allow it
 [and it was 5pm...too late to get it fixed].
Instead, we walked to the grocery store & picked up
ice cream and a movie, to turn it into a date night!

Don't miss the guest post I did for Virginia at Geeky and Sassy
as part of her Social Media Month.

breakfast with a dear friend on Saturday
[hooray for get the tire repaired first thing!]
I finally sewed something...okay, I actually made a minor change
turning a maxi dress into a skirt
[thanks to Caroline for turning me on to such a great idea].

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  1. Oh I hate flat tires! But turning it into date night by walking sounds so much more romantic :) Can you believe we don't have an Ikea in Hawaii?! Ugh.

  2. Sorry about the flat tire, but I am glad the weekend turned out well :) Happy Monday!

  3. Turning a flat tire into a date night was a pretty great idea! And I feel your pain about the multiple trips to Lowes - we're in the process of remodeling our kitchen too :)

  4. super sweet and very cute blog!

    xoxo-your new follower...
    Hannah @ A Lovely Mess

    Come see me too!


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