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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

guest post {Maggy}

Today, I'm thrilled to have my new blog friend,
Maggy, from Living Tall joining us.
You should check out her blog [after you read this].
Hello! I am thrilled to guest posting for Beth today, isn’t she so sweet? 
Beth and I bonded a bit over our mutual love for Boston and now…
well now I just try not to be jealous of her for being there.

You know you really miss a place, 
when you start to miss the public transportation
It has a life all it’s own and driving yourself to work 
every day can be lonely when you’re used to something else.

I will never forget the first time my husband, 
then boyfriend, came to visit. 
He had flown in the night before and I went to work the next morning.
After waiting almost an hour for the bus 
and finally walking to the T station instead, 
he showed up for lunch at my office a little disgruntled. 
No one talks to each other on the subway. 
“I said hi to 13 people Maggy, and no one replied!”

I was shocked. 
I couldn’t imagine why.
Why he had tried I mean. 

“You spoke to people? Babe people don’t talk much on the T”
Once I sat next to a man that yelled out loud
 in relation to the speed of the train. 
Started off low, then got louder, loudest at full speed,
 then back down again. 
There were only a handful of us in the car, 
so it’s not like we could miss it.
Needless to say, no one looked at each other or 
acknowledged the event.
It now makes me laugh every time I think about it.
*currently laughing

You meet people you wish hadn’t, 
and see people you wish you had. 
Claim a good seat .
Drink your coffee.
Do the daily Sudoku.
Know exactly where you want to get on, 
so as to get off right near the door.
Have a back up option if not. 
Pack your dress shoes and wear your walking shoes.
Don’t stare…too much.
Listen to conversations, with your earphones on and music off. 
Unless I’m the only one who did that?

Public transportation is a sociological study all its own and I love it.

Anyways, Kurt thought we (East coasters) were weird. 
I thought he (a Coloradan) was weird.
And now we’re married. 
That’s usually how it works huh?
Now we live in the burbs, homeowners, one dog, no kids. 
He won this round, but mark my words…we have more city in our future.
I need more conversations to listen in on. 

(not really.)


  1. Too cute =) I wish we had trains where I live. I remember getting ready for church one Sunday in Barcelona and then getting on the train with 500 people coming home from the beach. By the time I got off of the train I was covered in sweat - mine and others. So much for showering.
    Maggy - hope you can head back home one of these days ;-)

  2. haha! I'm totally laughing at the yelling guy! too funny.

  3. this hits so close to home! I don't know what I would do without public transportation! awesome guest post Maggy :)

  4. ahhh...Maggy! Move to DC! I would miss the T in Boston if I didn't love the Metro in DC so much. If only the DC metro elevators worked so when I needed my stoller life would be easier.

  5. Hmmm...listening in on coversations...maybe that's what's so appealing about blogs? :)

    Beth--new follower! I'm a student affairs professional, too. Well..I'm a grad student...but that's the goal! :)

  6. Would you believe me if I said I miss the T? Seriously.


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