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Friday, May 6, 2011

frugal friday: belt fix

never underestimate the power of office supplies
Ever have a belt that is just a bit too big to go with an outfit?
Isn't it silly how sometimes a belt should hit your rib cage 
and other times it should rest on your hips?
I cannot keep up...and neither can my budget!

So, I had the bright idea I could solve this problem without
buying another belt & here's what worked:
the binder clip [two of them to be exact].
I simply used two binder clips opposite one another,
 to make the belt smaller,
carefully placing them in an inconspicuous location [by the buckle].
They stayed in place for the whole day,
keeping my belt higher because the binder clips made smaller.

Have you come up with any quick fixes lately?

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  1. i hear you about the belt thing! great idea.

  2. I'm impressed! I would have had my doubts about them showing...and I know what you mean about belts needing to be in different places, I need to invent a sizable belt.

  3. smart fix! I don't usually have an issue with my belts being too big...rather too small! eek!


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