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Saturday, May 14, 2011

change is in the air

Have you gotten any new followers on Twitter recently?
Maybe you noticed @dotinthecity started following you this week?
A few months ago, I began to consider creating a separate
Twitter account for my blog. 
I realized the audience changed since when I started 9 months ago. 
I discovered a whole community of bloggers & handmade artists
[and I just love it].
Before I began this blog, my Twitter use was primarily 
 for professional networking & development. 
Over time, things changed & I started to promote my blog via @bbgoad
since that was my only Twitter account. 

Since I still use my personal account for professional purposes,
I have created a blog & handmade Twitter account. 
Follow @dotinthecity for blog & handmade/crafts
and @bbgoad for personal & student affairs interests.
Happy Saturday, Tweeps!
For more on my personal use of Twitter and an introduction
read this post and this one about tweet chats.
Maybe I should blog about why I tweet? Hmm...

P.S. Don't forget to let me know what you like reading/seeing 
around here by checking the boxes over there --->


  1. Yay! I'm following you! Now you'll be twice as busy on twitter ;)

  2. Oh, I'm switchin' over =) I did however feel like I was on staff with you and felt like I was getting more secret info ;)
    Maybe you can comment on the social media twitter post today with your links? =) Don't judge my newbieness (hee hee)

  3. I do the same... I have a separate one for work and another for play! Seems to work well :) Will be following you!


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