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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

guest post {Laura}

Thanks for having me, Beth! I'm Laura from Along for the Ride.

No matter how cold it is, no matter how much snow there is, and now matter how miserable it is when you walk outside...
spring always comes.

This is a fact. I know it to be true. Yet when you're shoveling a foot and a half of snow, scraping ice off your car, slipping on the sidewalk, or dealing with 400 college students on their third snow day in a row, it's really hard to remember.
"An optimist is the human personification of spring." Susan J. Bissonette
I would say that I'm generally an optimist. I tend to see the glass half full, the silver lining, those kinds of things. But when winter comes, it's a different story. Pre-Christmas winter is wonderful, even magical. Post-Christmas winter is just the worst.
Ok so enough complaining. How do we snap out of the winter blahs and focus on the beautiful flowers and sunshine and glorious skirts and flip flop wearing to come?

Here are a few things I found that work.
1. Get out the Pledge and Windex and clean, clean, clean.
I find that i am happiest when my life (apartment, office, car, closet, etc) is clean. Don't know where to start? Attack one space at a time. What is the place in your home where you spend the most time and where you go to re-energize? Clean and organize that space first. That way when you go there to relax and recharge, it really is a productive and comfortable place to be. 
I have the hardest time getting rid of clothes. There are things I never wear but just can't part with just in case that perfect occasion pops up. Invite a trusted friend over, one whose style is similar to yours, and have them be honest with you. Go through each item and have them tell you what they think. This works wonders for me!
Got dust bunnies? Use these last three weeks of winter to do some major cleaning of areas that are often overlooked. In my house it's under the sink, the tops of pictures, tops of books, and back behind all of our electronic equipment. Get those dust bunnies out of there!

2. Treat yourself to something pretty.
We all love getting lovely things in the mail! Here are a few of my favorite pretties perfect for spring.
This is what I treated myself to! Perfect for my green and yellow kitchen.
3. Get organized. 
If you don't have a system that's working for you, what better way to find something new than in preparation for spring. There will be lots of fun stuff going on when the sun comes out and you don't want to miss a thing!
 I just got my planner from Much Ado About You and it is amazing! I've only had it for a few days and I am more organized already!
There isn't a right way to stay organized, just the way that works for me. I use a handmade to-do list that has lines and check boxes and a cute little quote. I am most satisfied when I can check something off and know that I was productive.

My students love sticky notes! This might be a great way to organize those little things that pop up. And these ones are perfect for spring!

4. Still feeling down while the temperature falls?
Send a handwritten note, call an old friend, make something just for you, treat yourself to a DIY pedicure, read some of your favorite past blog posts, crank up the tunes, dance around the living room... just saying.

"For how can one know color in perpetual green, and what good is warmth without cold to give it sweetness?" John Steinbeck



  1. spring ALWAYS comes! love this. and such a great list. xo

  2. I, like you, hate post Christmas winter!! But I love all of these Spring-y ideas!! :)


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