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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BSU Blogfest {leadership}

Social Media Week 2011 continues with its events at BSU.
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Today's prompt: leadership

There are a variety of leadership styles and theories and opinions.
I recall taking my first leadership course as an undergraduate
& getting acquainted with the vast literature from leadership realm.
We had to choose a leader to research & write about.
Herb Brooks was my pick.
He may not be the person that comes to mind
 when researchers & theorists make a Top 10 list.
Most people readily list names of politicians, CEOs
and even religious figures when considering leaders,
while coaches often get overlooked.
Herb Brooks, 1980
Effective coaches have the ability to guide a team.
They should lead by example, play by the rules, and
set clear goals for their team.
Characteristics that made Herb Brooks stand out:
- He believed in the team he selected
- He listened to the players & his superiors
- He had confidence in himself
- He inspired the team to work together
- He worked tirelessly to prepare the team for the Olympics

I was so excited to see the movie Miracle created
because it highlighted aspects of Brooks' leadership traits
and showed the team dynamics that many Americans
likely did not understand or know about in 1980.
This video was based on a scene where Kurt Russell,
who played Brooks, gave his pre-game speech to the tean.
It's especially inspiring from this guy:
Thanks for reading and considering some characteristics of
coaches & their ability to lead well. 

Don't forget to check the list of BSU students, faculty & staff 
taking part in Blogfest this week: complete list

Do you view coaches as great leaders?

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