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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Annapolis, Maryland

Aloha! I'm really excited to be guest posting for Beth today! Thanks for letting me hang out in your space today, Beth! 

While my current residence is the beautiful island of Oahu, I grew up just south of Annapolis, Maryland. It will forever be "home" to me and is my favorite city in the world. 

Nothing beats a warm, spring day walking around the brick laid streets of Annapolis, the sailboat rigging clinking in the breeze and a Storm Bros. ice cream cone in your hand. Wanna take a little trip with me today?

We'll start with lunch at the Federal House. Cream of crab soup is a must. Mmm... rich, creamy soup with decadent lumps of crab meat. Of course, we'll have a beer or two with it, since we'll be walking around for awhile.

We'll take a little walk around Ego Alley where boats ranging from tiny dingys to extravagant yachts are anchored. Called Ego Alley for the chest puffing that goes on as the boat owners float in front of tourists and Annapolitans alike.

Let's walk up Main Street. We have to stop in one of my favorite stores, Hats in the Belfry, try on all the ridiculous hats and take embarrassing pictures of each other! 

Ready to go? We'll keep walking up Main Street. There are so many really fun shops to visit from fudge shops to clothing boutiques, amazing restaurants and art galleries. 

Our next stop is a little store called Easy Street, filled with all sorts of beautiful hand blown glass creations. 

We'll end our little tour of Annapolis by walking around all the small one way streets, trying to pick which brightly colored house is our favorite! 

Thanks for hanging out with me in Annapolis today! You can find me on my blog, Aisle to Aloha, if you want to hang out more, or check out my Etsy shop, Aisle to Aloha Studio, filled with bright, modern canvas paintings! 


  1. OK, one of my DREAM vacays is to fly into Maine, rent a car, and drive down the coast until I hit Florida. Annapolis just got added to the itinerary. I had no idea it was so beautiful!!

  2. What a beautiful city - thank you for sharing!

  3. awesome! i lived in salisbury for ten years and visited annapolis at least once a month!
    thanks for the reminder of what i'm missing-living in north dakota now:)


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