Tuesday, February 8, 2011

getting crafty at work

during our student leadership meeting last week, 
we focused on stress management.
it may not feel like the stressful time of the semester
[especially with weekly snow days for the past three weeks],
our goal was give the students useful tools for dealing well with stress.
we talked relaxation techniques, took  stress and coping quizzes.
then we made a simple hot pad.

tube socks
uncooked white rice
tea bags

how to
fill tube sock halfway with rice
add tea bag 
[i recommend chamomile or mint]
fill other half of sock with rice
tie off at top
heat in the microwave for 2 minutes

{variation} you can also use dried lavender in place of the tea.
i'll be using mine in the office to keep me warm!
have you ever done a craft or project at work?


  1. Any time we do anything crafty at work, it's to make materials for the classroom. I don't mind it; it's kinda fun! But I'd rather make that hot pad!!

  2. yay for student programming ;)gina

  3. So neat. You can sew a pretty little pouch to put it in. My mom did the same with corn (the kind that won't pop).

  4. What a idea! Will have to give it a try. I have nominated you for some fun awards, please stop by my blog to see...



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