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Sunday, February 13, 2011

award winning blogs

one of the reasons i have grown to love blogging
since i dove into it about six months ago,
is the sense of community i feel.
i have met so many inspiring women [and men]!
recently, christina from the tattered tag awarded me 

thank you very much!
everyone who receives the award is asked to share
seven facts about themselves and
select 15 bloggers to give the award to.

7 random facts about me:
1 - i listen to my favorite colorado radio station, kbco while at work.
[thank goodness for online streaming]

2 -i love maps! i think this comes from being an air force brat
 i keep this massachusetts map on my desk at work to refer to whenever
someone talks about a town i'm unfamiliar with.

3 -i can't stop using a paper desk calendar
i love technology, but there's just something about writing things down helps me remember!
4 -i love college ice hockey
the first two mondays of february are the beanpot tournament in boston

5 -if i had to choose a different profession, i'd be a graphic designer
[i was thinking about that on my ride to work last week]

6 -with the exception of the two years i was in grad school, 
i have moved at least every 12 months since 1999.
7 -i drink coffee daily
& get anxious about not finding it while traveling
or staying with someone i don't know well.

 15 stylish bloggers i'm selecting:
Alison from aPearantly Sew
Caroline from Good Times Never Seemed Sew Good
Elise from enJoy it
Erin from Sunshine and Carousels
Faith from Ordinary Mommy
Gina from Hiya Luv
Jessica from How About Orange
Katie from Making this Home
Karen from Believe it and Be Satisfied
Laura from Along for the Ride
Lindsay from Paint Me a Picture
Lisa from Who's Your Little Buffalo?
Megan from {meg's musings}
Michelle from Lovely by M
Piper from Reviving Remnants


  1. holy cow i feel so honored to be apart of that lovely group of bloggers that you chose for such an amazing award! Thank so much beth! :) hugs to you sweet pea:)

  2. Oh this is awesome! We haven't lived in the same town more than 12 months in a row... I hear ya there!


  3. wow what a great bunch of bloggers! thanks so much for including me beth :)

  4. I feel completely honored to be listed with such amazing women! Thank you so much.


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